Sunday, 11 November 2012

Teaching Tips/ Absent Students

Teaching Tip # 1

   At times, teaching can be overwhelming. You have stacks of papers to grade, conferences to attend, grades to calculate, emails to respond to, so much to do, and so little time in which to accomplish it. Organization is the cornerstone of teaching for success
(Absent Students)
  •  Create a place (labeled Bin) for the absent students’ work to pile their materials.   
  •  Write their names on all worksheets or page numbers they missed.  
  •  Pass all the missed work the first day students come back to school with a little note to the parents.  
  • Inform the parents to help their children cover what they missed at home (give them enough time to bring back the completed work, not the next day).

·         It is a nice gesture to show how much you care about the absence of your students by phoning the parents of the students who have been absent for more than one day, asking about the reason and knowing when they are coming back .
·       Teachers should not give absent students a test, a quiz or an exam the first day they come back to school if they are not informed of the quiz or they were absent for More than two days.

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