Sunday, 18 November 2012

Teaching Tip # 2/ Formative Assessment

Three Sources of Data (Formative Assessment)

Evidence of Learning is comprised of Observation, Conversation, and Artifacts

OBSERVATION – while observing students engaged in meaningful tasks, look for:
  • Are they staying on topic?
  • Is re-teaching required?
  • Do you often re-direct?
  • Can they extend further? Or in a different way?
  • Should you provide resources?
  • Are they using previous  learned skills? Or personal connections?
  • Do they demonstrate understanding?
CONVERSATION – as you talk to students about their learning, listen for:
  • Do they use specific content vocabulary?
  • Are the students asking relevant questions?
  • Can they explain why?
  • Expressions/language demonstrates understanding.
  • Can they express connections to previous or personal knowledge?
  • Are they expressing additional interests or viewpoints about the topic?
ARTIFACTS – as you collect documents or student work, look for:
  • Compare to rubrics.
  • Did they know and meet criteria?
  •  Demonstrate understanding
  •  Is re-teaching required? for who? for what?
  •  Did they edit/fix up based on feedback?

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