Saturday, 9 February 2013

Teaching Tips # 7 Be specific and clear in your instructions…

Top Ten Tips # 5
Be specific and clear in your instructions…

    •  Get a pupil’s full attention before giving instructions. 
    •  Make sure everyone is looking at you and not fiddling with a pencil, turning around, looking at a book, etc.
    •  Only give instructions once; repeating can unwittingly train a pupil to not bother to listen properly the first time.
    • Smile as you give instructions.
    •  Don’t be too wordy and don’t imply choice when there actually isn’t a choice by tacking ‘Okay?’ on the end, or sound as though you are merely suggesting, ‘Would you like to …?’ ‘How about …?’  ‘Don’t you think you should …?’
    • Be very clear in all your instructions and expectations.   
    •  Have a pupil repeat them back to you.

    University of British Columbia

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