Sunday, 3 February 2013

Teaching Tips # 6 Catch them being good…

Top Ten Tips # 4

Catch Them Being Good…

Praise is the most powerful motivator there is. Praise the tiniest steps in the right direction. Praise often, using descriptive praise, for example, ‘It can be annoying having to look up words in the dictionary. I can see you are getting impatient but the dictionary is still open in front of you. You haven’t given up.’ Or, ‘I can see you don’t want to come in from break, but you are facing the right direction for coming in.’ Be willing to appreciate the smallest of effort and explain why it pleases you.
Pupils will not think you are being too strict and will not resent your firm decision making if you remember to smile, to criticise less and to praise more. Tell the pupils there will be positive consequences for positive behaviour, then follow through and show them.

Stick to your guns and don’t be ‘bullied’ into giving rewards that haven’t been earned.

Some positive behaviours are easily overlooked. Try to remember to praise pupils for
      -       homework in on time
      -       working quietly
      -       good attendance
      -       neat  and organized desk
      -       not swinging on chair, sitting properly
      -       smiling
      -       contributing to class discussion
      -       helping another pupil
      -       not laughing at another pupil’s mistakes
      -       promptly following your instructions
      -       respecting classmates
      -       using polite language
      -       well prepared for the lesson

Use the reward systems of the school consistently and fairlyTarbiya Buck”.
University of British Columbia

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