Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bloom's Taxonomy Mathematics Chart



Sample Tasks
Learn terms, facts, methods, procedures, concepts
Draw, Recognize, Count, Group, Reproduce, Memorize, State, Tabulate, Identify, Point, Follow Directions 
1.     Can you identify the different place values in the metric system?
2.     State the mode, mean, median, and range from your set of data.
3.     How do you reproduce a circle using a compass?
Understand uses and implications of terms, facts, methods, procedures, concepts
Change, Classify, Convert, Estimate, Interpret, Measure, Put in Order, Show, Suggest, Express in other terms
1.     Classify polygons by regularity, concavity, and line symmetry.
2.     Explain how to convert between fractions, decimals, and percents.
3.     What is your interpretation of the data expressed on the graph?
Practice theory, solve problems, use information in the new situations
Calculate, Compute, Construct, Demonstrate, Derive, Graph, Manipulate, Operate, Practice, Prove, Solve
1.     How do you calculate the percent of a given whole?
2.     Solve for area of a rectangle by using A= l x w.
3.     What information do you consider when graphing data derived from a survey?
Analyze structure, recognize assumptions, breaking down material into parts
Break down, Deduce, Diagram, Distinguish, Formulate, Group, Order, Separate, Simplify, Sort
1.     What methods can be used to compare and order fractions?
2.     Analyze the relationship between variables on a graph.
3.     What factors do you consider when formulating a plan for problem solving?
Set standards, Judge with purpose, accept or reject on basis of criteria
Appraise, Choose, Compare, Conclude, Decide, Describe, Evaluate, Justify, Measure, Validate
1.     Evaluate the expression after changing the order of operations.
2.     Describe how to solve a problem using the 4 step method.
3.     Justify your reason for choosing the strategy selected.
Putting information together into a new and creative way.
Construct, Create, Derive, Develop, Document, Generate, Integrate, Plan, Predict, Prepare, Propose, Specify, Tell
1.     Describe some patterns that you recognized in the construction of Pascal’s Triangle.
2.     What kind of table can you create that represents change in temperature?
3.     What prediction can you make from this graph?

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