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Elementary Art Education Resources

As-Salamu Aleikum fellow teachers, I received this helpful document from my art Professor at Ottawa University. Further down you can find helpful resources for both visual and the performing arts.

May Allah (swt) make it beneficial, Ameen

 Tr. A'isha
Elementary Arts Educational Resources
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Ontario Arts Curriculum
Ontario Ministry of Education (2006). The kindergarten
program (pp. 56-59). Ontario: Queen’s Printer for Ontario.
Ontario Ministry of Education (2009). The Ontario
curriculum; grades 1–8: The arts. Ontario: Queen’s Printer for Ontario.
Arts Integration
Learning through the Arts – video examples
Elementary Arts Video workshops library
Strategies for Arts Integration
Arts and Technology
Arts Integration School Blog
Arts Integration Strategies
Great resource for Elementary Arts Integration
Journal for Learning Through the Arts
Arts Integration Framework—getting started
NEA—Arts Integration
Elementary Arts and Integrated Arts Lessons and Ideas
Anthony, B.,MacKenzie, C., Wamsley, J., & Zeitz, J. (2007).
ETFO Arts: Introducing Visual Arts, Drama, Dance, and Music in the Junior Grades. ETFO: Toronto.
Cornett, C. & Smithrim, K. (2001). The Arts as meaning
makers: Integrating literature and the arts throughout the curriculum. Canadian Edition. Toronto, ON: Prentice Hall.
Goldberg, M. (2006). Integrating the arts: An approach to
teaching and learning in multicultural and multilingual settings (3 Ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.
General Lesson Planning
Teachers Net Lesson Bank:
The Canadian Teacher:
Education World:
Teacher Tap:
In 2 Edu
General Teaching and Learning Strategies
PowerPoint Game templates: 
Mind mapping:     
Puzzle maker:
Teaching Channel: Videos, Lesson Plans and Resources:
Creating a Classroom Web Site
Rubric Building:
Rubric Building:
Online Teaching Portfolios
Teaching Portfolio ideas
Sources for Electronic Portfolios
Free Portfolio sites
Teaching Portfolio Resources:
Visual Art


(Basic and practical in visual art education)


ART a Facts

Art Education (Reston, VA)

Art Education (Saskatoon, Sask)

Arts & Activities

The Canadian Art Teacher

School Arts Magazine


Andrew, M. (1989). Language in colour. England: Belair
Publications Ltd.

Chapman, L. (1985). Discover art (Gr. 1-6, student and
teacher editions). Worcester, Mass: Davis Publications.

Chapman, L. (1994). Adventures in art (Gr. 1-6, student
and teacher editions). Worcester, Mass: Davis Publications.  

Edwards, B. (1979). Drawing on the right side of the
brain. New York: Tarcher/Putnam Books
Frohardt, D.C. (1999). Teaching art with books kids
love: Art elements, appreciation, and deisgn with award-winning books. Golden, Colorado: Fulcrum Publishing.

Grauer, K. & Irwin, R.L., (Eds.), (2005). StARTing
with…2nd Edition. Toronto, ON: Canadian Society for Education through Art.

Hubbard, G. (1986). Art in action. (Gr. 1-6), student and
teacher editions). San Diego Coronodo.

Hume, H.D. (2000). A survival kit for the elementary
middle school art teacher. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass;

Kohl, M.F. & Solga, K. (1997). Discovering great artists:
Hands-on art for children in the styles of the great masters. Bright Ring Publishing Inc.
Parks, M. (1994). The art teacher’s desktop reference.
Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Steele. B. (1998). Draw me a story: An illustrated
exploration of drawing-as-language. Winnipeg: Peguis Publishers.
Thomas, J. (1997). Masterpiece of the month.
Teacher Created Materials Inc.

Van Oech, (1990). A whack on the side of the head:
How you can be more creative. New York: Warner Brooks.

Wichowiak, F. & Clements, R.D. (2006). Emphasis art:
A qualitative program for elementary & middle schools, 8th edition. Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

Children’s Books

Anholdt, L. (1998). Picasso and the girl with a ponytail.
NY: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. (gr 3-6)

Anholdt, L. (2000). Leonardo and the flying boy. NY:
Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. (gr 3-6)

Brezina, T. (2006). Who can open Michelangelo’s
seven seals? New York, NY: Prestel Publishing. (gr 5-8)

Carroll, C. (2001). How artists see artists. NY: Abbeville

Cottin, M. & Faria, R. (2008) The black book of colours.
Groundwook Books.

DePaola, T. (1989). The art lesson. NY: G.P. Putnum’s
Sons. (K-3). 

Ewald, W. & Tingley, M. (2002).  The best part of me:
Children talk about their bodies in pictures and words. New York: Little Brown Books for Young Readers.

Frith, M. (2003). Frida Kahlo: The artist who painted
herself. NY: Grosset & Dunlap. (gr 4-8)

Greenberg, J. & Jordan, S. (2002). Action Jackson. NY:
Square Fish. (3-6)

Hurd, T. (1996). Art dog. Harper-Collins Publishers. (gr

Le Tord, B. (1999). A bird or two: A story about Henri
Matisse. Michigan: Eerdmans Books for Young Readers. (K-4)

Perron, A. (2003). Art tells a story. (big book) Nelson
Education Ltd. (K-3)

Ragans, Davis et al (1998). Art connections. McGraw-

Reynolds, P. (2003). The dot. Candlewick Press. (K-4)

Reynolds, P. ( ). Ish. Candlewick Press. (K-4)

Venezia, M. (). Getting to know… Getting to know the
world’s greatest artists series. Children’s Press. (gr. 3-5)

Waldman, N. (1999). The starry night. NY: Boyds Mills
Press. (gr 2-5)

Warhola, J. (2003). Uncle Andy’s. NY: G.P. Putnam’s
Sons. (gr 3-6) 

Watt, M. (2006). Augustine. Kids Can Press. (K-4)


Ontario Arts Council (General Arts)

National Art Education Association (Art Education magazine):

Ontario Society for Education Through Art (must subscribe to become a member)

Canadian Society for Education Through Arts

Art Websites


Arts Edge

Art Education Page for K-12

@rt junction:

Art Lex

Art Resources

Art Smarts

Crayola Educators

Crayons and Computers

Cybermuse (National Gallery of Canada):

K-6 Elementary Art Lessons: The Art Kids:

Elementary Education Resource: Art

From Cave Art to Your Art:

Getty Foundation for Art Education:

Incredible @rt Department: 

Inside Art: An Art History Game

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators

Kinder ART

National Gallery of Canada:--teacher workshops:

One minute art history videos… great for kids. 

Ontario Society for Education through Art

Talent teacher (Visual Arts)

The Renaissance Connection

Virtual Arts Museums and Galleries



Journal for Drama in Education

Children’s Theatre Review

Aagesen, C. & Blumberg, M. (1999). Shakespeare for
kids: His life and times. Chicago Review Press.

Barton, B. & Booth, D. (1995). Mother goose goes to
school. Markham, CA: Pembroke.

Booth, D. (2003). How theatre educates. Toronto.

 Carreiro, C. (2005). Make your own puppets & puppet
theatres. Nashville, TN: Ideals Publication.

Dahl, R. (1988). Revolting rhymes. New York, NY:
Bantam Books. 

Dunleavy, D.  (2004). The jumbo book of drama. Kids
Can Press.

Fleischman, P. (1988). Joyful noise: Poems for two
voices. Harper Trophy.

Foltz Jones, C. (1991). Mistakes that worked. New
York, NY: Doubleday.

Forbes-Green, S. (1983). The encyclopedia of
icebreakers. University Associates Inc.

Heinig, R.B. (1993). Creative drama resource book for
the classroom teacher. New Jersey: Prentice-Hall.

Hillert, M. (1981). Action verse for early childhood:
Finger plays and body movement. Minneapolis: T.S. Denison and Co.

Jennett, P. (2004). Reader’s theatre Series. Creative
Teaching Press Inc.  

McCaslin, (2000). Creative drama in the classroom and
beyond. New York: Addison Wesley Longman Inc.

Molyneux, L. & Gordner, B. (1985). Act it out: Original
plays plus crafts for costumes and scenery. Dansville, NY: Trellis Books
Peterson & O’Connor. (1997). Kids take the stage. New
York: Back Stage Books. 

Phillips, S. (1999). Drama with children. Oxford: Oxford
University Press.

Pura, T. (2008). Stages: Creative ideas for teaching
drama. Winnipeg, MB: J. Gordon Shillingford.

Rubin, J. & Merrion, M. (1995). Drama and music:
Creative Activities for young children. Atlanta, GA: Humanics Learning.
Spolin, V. (1986). Theatre games for the classroom: A
teacher’s handbook. Evanston: Northwestern University Press.

West, S. & Cox, A. (2004). Literacy play: Over 300
dramatic play activities that teach pre-reading skills. Beltsville, MD: Gryphon House.

Drama Websites

Arts Work

Theatre Education

Child Drama

Drama fun stuff

Drama lesson resources

Drama Workshop:  Steps for writing a play

Drama Resource: Creative Ideas for Teaching Drama







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