Sunday, 13 January 2013

Teaching Tips # 4 Be in charge…

Top Ten Tips (1) 
Be In Charge.......

    As the teacher, and the adult, you are ‘in charge’. It is your classroom and you must actively and consciously make the rules and decisions, rather than letting them happen out of habit, poor organization or at the whim of the pupils.
 Demonstrate your ‘in-chargeness’ by the position you take in the room; keep on your feet as much as possible and be where you can watch everything that is going on. Pupils should be convinced you have eyes in the back of your head! Pick up the good things they are doing and comment on them. Keep moving around the classroom to establish yourself as the focal point of interest and authority.
 Remember that the pupils need to feel safe; they can only do this if you are in charge. Do not justify or apologize for your rules, your standards or your insistence on compliance.
 University of British Columbia

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